In response to honor the governing authorities and help “flatten the curve” we will be closing the prayer room for the time being.

We have live-stream sets M-F from 10am - 12pm available:

Follow us on social media for updates on schedule changes and upcoming events:

special events:

Consecration Day: Every first Monday of the month

No other special events at this time.


what to expect

come & go

You are welcome to stay for the entire duration of a set or leave whenever you'd like. There's no expectations or judgement- just come and go as you need to. Our doors are open!


You're welcome to participate corporately or privately. The prayer room is open for all kinds of activities whether that's singing, sharing what God is speaking to you, praying, journaling, creating, or dancing. All we ask is that you respect those around you and the set leader's direction.

worship & prayer

All sets have at least one person leading worship. During the set people may sing, play without singing, or pray. Some set leaders may have open mic time for intercession.

no commitments

There are no required commitments of attendance, participation, giving, or involvement. We just want you to come as you are and enjoy the presence of God and worship Jesus! If you do want to get involved or lead a set, please reach out to ryan [at]

get involved

Interested in leading a worship set or volunteering in another role? Email ryan [at]