FPH leadership


Ryan + Karen Hall - executive directors

Ryan and his wife Karen are passionate worshipers who desire to see Jesus exalted and a generation fully surrendered to Him. After serving as Internship Director and then Director of Worship at Pasadena House of Prayer (PIHOP) for 5 years, God called Ryan and his family to move to suburban Nashville. Ryan has joyfully partnered with Franklin Prayer House and helped to establish a prayer room and further Kingdom efforts in the city of Franklin and beyond.

More about Ryan:

  • Ordained with Messenger Fellowship in 2016
  • Serves as the Vice President and CFO of Resurgent Sound
  • Worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist


ryan [at] franklinprayerhouse.com


Peter + Amanda Hartzell - directors

For over 15 years, Peter and Amanda Hartzell have lead and facilitated prayer and worship gatherings in living-rooms and churches across North America. After completing internships at the International House Of Prayer in Kansas City, they served as the directors of Burn 24/7 in Western Montana for a season. During that time, they realized a passion to create space for the body of Christ to gather for one purpose: to sit at the feet of Jesus.

More about the Hartzells:

  • ​They are Montana natives, now living in suburban Nashville
  • They have 3 miracle children
  • They love to go on adventures, explore nature trails, and splash in the ocean.


peter [at] franklinprayerhouse.com
amanda [at] franklinprayerhouse.com


Jenny Narciso - intercession

Jenny carries a deep passion for the next generation to know the beauty of Jesus and walk in the full authority Christ has given them. Along with her husband, she has spent the last 15+ years training and equipping young adults in personal revival, hearing God’s voice and prayer. Jenny and her family relocated to Franklin, TN from Tacoma, WA in 2017 and she has been leading intercession for Franklin Prayer House ever since.

More about Jenny:

  • Check out her blog www.jennynarciso.com
  • Jenny and Adam have four children
  • Loves playing and coaching soccer

jenny [at] franklinprayerhouse.com


Emily Mills - communications

Emily cares deeply about the Church returning to their love of Jesus and time in His presence! She is a creative business owner and works with her husband Joseph. Emily is passionate about good, clear communication and oversees the FPH website and emails.

More about Emily:

  • Emily has worked with churches and non-profits since 2012
  • Emily + Joseph are Coloradans but met in Nashville. They have lived here since 2015.
  • Emily + Joseph serve clients with illustration, design, and animation


emily [at] franklinprayerhouse.com


Mary + Michael Cadle - advisors

Mary & Michael Cadle serve FPH as advisors on the Ministry Accountability Team.


Steve Garrett - founder

Steve is a worshiper fueled with a passion for encouraging people to fulfill their God-given destiny. Steve's mission statement is Create, Equip, Inspire. Steve now lives in Philadelphia with his wife Milissa and their 5 children.


steve [at] franklinprayerhouse.com


Gayla Newton - admin

Gayla was called to be an intercessor for city-wide and national transformation. She serves in a variety of leadership roles in the local Churrch and in the governmental sphere. Gayla has a strong desire to see the next generation live out God's original design for them.

More about Gayla:

  • Native Tennessean
  • A professional educator for many years in the public school system

gayla [at] franklinprayerhouse.com