covid policy

This is an opportunity for us to prefer one another and show care for our community as we open the prayer room.


Per Mayor Anderson’s 7/7 mandate, masks are not required in places of worship, but we strongly recommend you wear one anyway! We do not provide masks on site.


physical distancing

We ask you to maintain physical distancing while in the prayer room. We will have smiley face stickers by the front door for those who want to visually represent that they would like to keep space from others. Please honor anyone wearing a sticker and further keep your distance.


All set leaders are cleaning microphones and equipment, door handles, and the bathroom handles after each set. We have limited cleaning supplies on hand, so bring anything you think you might want for yourself, like hand sanitizer or tissues.



If you or someone you’ve been in contact with is feeling ill, we ask that you not attend the prayer room sets at this time.


Our max capacity right now is 15 people. We ask that you self-regulate this capacity as we cannot be present in the prayer room at all times.

Last updated on 7-7-20

7/7/20 – Read Mayor Anderson’s Mandate

Please contact with any questions.